Only in America…

… do politicians mess with good songs.

Yes even here in Bangkok the chosen one was chosen and walked on water live.barackspeech

The second Obama stopped talking, the atmosphere-monkeys cranked up the country hit Only in America by Brooks and Dunn. I guess because, you know, Chicago politicians are real country fans. Full lyrics here:

But this song is a bit like Bruce Springsteen’s Born in America — the title says a lot but the words say more.

As Obama waved and basked and probably wished he had a cigarette for the post-orgasmic glow of Mile High, the singers reached the important part…

A welder’s son and a banker’s daughter,

All they want is everything.

She came out here to be an actress.

He was the singer in a band…

And the music immediately and suddenly stopped. That is because the next lines of the song is not about how these two folks attained their dream in Los Angeles but rather:

They just might go back to Oklahoma

And talk about the stars they could have been.

Only in America….

No one would suggest Obama might have to try for his dream and fail, after all, not even in someone else’s song.


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