A spectacular beginning

There’s very little to say after watching the opening of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. In fact, the only relevant thing I can think to write is that it was the most impressive and well-regulated opening ceremony since the 1936 Games.


3:48 pm: The Fuhrer and the Reich Minister of the Interior arrived and inspected the Honour Battalion before the Bell Tower.

4:15 pm: At the command ‘Participants March!’, the nations entered the Stadium, the spacing between the different nations being regulated at the mouth of the tunnel.

A distance of 5 yards was maintained between the placard carrier and the flag bearer. The distance between the last row of a national group and the placard carrier of the following group was 20 yards. …

Some nations were cheered mildly, others enthusiastically, according to the popularity or unpopularity of a nation earned in previous Olympics. Austria, perhaps, received the greatest ovation and clappings. India, though insignificant in terms of the number of the participants, was conspicuous by her colourful headgear and was greeted by quite a multitude of the huge crowd.


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