United Nations: Chief human rights abuser

The United Nations supports and empowers the world’s worst governments and torturers, pays and shelters paedophiles who abuse children in the guise of military peacekeeping, and covers up corruption and malfeasance of staggering proportion. humanrightscommission

And finally Saneh Chamarik the “chairperson” (of course) of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (in English here) has written the strongest letter in Thai diplomatic history to the United Nations. It is addressed to the UN Secretary-General personally to

express and register the most serious concern and dismay… over the blatant violation of human rights committed by organs of the United Nations in total disregard of the letters and spirit of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights….

The acts committed by the  World Heritage Committee and UNESCO have shown their insensitivity and total disregard to human rights especially of the peoples of Thailand and Cambodia.

The horrendous violation of human rights by the United Nations is: listing Preah Vihear temple as a World Heritage Site.

A PDF copy of the actual letter can be downloaded here to prove to your friends and colleagues it’s not some kind of sick anti-Thailand black propaganda.

Thank goodness the major human rights problems have all been cleared away in Thailand, allowing the Human Rights Commission to focus its outrage on issues like the Preah Vihear temple. Or, as the commission prefers to call it, presumably just to poke a stick in the Cambodian eye, Phra Viharn.

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