Second best isn’t bad

In three days I will be in Fort Collins, in the northern part of the beautiful mountain state of Colorado.

I only mention that because Money magazine has brought out its annual list of the best places to live in America, and Fort Collins is Number Two on the list of these favoured, praised small cities.

The folks in Fort Collins including the Important offspring, are a little bummed by the magazine ranking. That’s because for the past couple of years, Fort Collins has been Number One on the Best Place to Live list.

And why is it so good?

The article was released Monday and praises Fort Collins for its schools, low crime rate, Old Town’s microbreweries and restaurants, and for being an outdoor paradise.

That’s pretty much how the Important family sees it, although the microbreweries isn’t that big for them. The schools are superb,  from Soap Operas for Coloradokindergarten through Grade 12 (totally free) and then the 25,000-student Colorado State University. There are malls and all of that, but people still leave their front doors and cars unlocked in much of the town.

There is something to be said for getting anywhere in town within 10 minutes. And the Important wife and children are impressed, too, that there are entire Thai and Lao markets within a 60-minute drive, in Denver to the south. There’s a lot to be said for eating Thai food while studying for the exam at the free school with the big parking lot – so they say.

I’ll have more than a couple of Thai soap operas (and, yes, one Korean one) in my bag, too, when I travel. You can take the school girl out of Bangkok, but you can’t take Bangkok out of the school girl.


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  1. i love Laos,
    Laos is one of the poorest and least visited countries in the world.

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