Life’s embarrassing moments

Barack Obama may become the next US president when the United States votes on November 4. (Note to the rest of the world: Your votes don’t count, no matter how much love you have for him.)

One of the things that bothers me quite a lot about the Obama machine is their incredible air-brushing of anything remotely embarrassing about their man. I don’t mean they cover it up, I mean they make it disappear. The Obama website is a treasure trove of empty pages where there used to be stuff that is no longer operative, as the scummy old Nixon White House used to phrase it.barackoniraq

Look. President Bush donned his flight suit and flew out to the USS Abraham Lincoln in May, 2003, and declared Mission Accomplished. Remember that? You can’t forget it, can you? Every Bush critic and hater has (quite rightly) kept that ludicrous declaration alive.

Here’s what I mean. The official record of this event is intact at the White House website. It happened. It’s on the record. The record hasn’t changed.

But over at, that is not the way things operate. Open a blog about Obama and criticise him in an unauthorised way (there are no authorised ways) and your blog is gone. The airbrushing has been phenomenal.

Yesterday, the Obama website said about the Iraq war is that: “The Problem: The surge is not working.”

Today, that page begins: “The Problem: Inadequate Security and Political Progress in Iraq”.

And by an incredible coincidence, the Barack Obama website is not cached by Google. Of course there are dozens of screen captures going around to prove that it was there, but that is not the point.

It is exactly like a Soviet-era encylopaedia. The old stuff just totally disappeared. It was never there, right? And there is no way that Barack Obama should have to explain why he was so very wrong about predicting that the fabulously successful surge “is not working” even as that surge was already under way and, well, working.

Trying to expunge the record of actual facts, the record of history, is an indefensible, contemptible action on a candidate’s website. I am strongly concerned that this sort of thing will carry over from the campaign to the White House if he becomes president. Now is the time to hold his feet and those of every member of his campaign team to the fire, and pound on them until they pledge credibly that this sort of treatment of history will never occur at the White House.

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