Mistake found in Internet email

Sorry Obama haters. Craig Shergold doesn’t want get-well cards. Microsoft is not going to send you money for forwarding email.

And this Internet thingmy is not going to suddenly prove your fantasy that Barack Obama is a secret Chinese-Muslim agent plotting to sell out the United States as soon as he becomes president. muslim[1]

No, you did not read a column by Maureen Dowd of the New York Times saying any such thing. Like most email you receive without asking for it, that is a total, complete fake, and frankly you need to show up more regularly for your Gullibility-brand meds.

The column was not even close to what Dowd produces. It would be as if I were to start writing in French. But I did like what Maureen Dowd said. No, really, this is what she actually said:

[A]nyone who reads my column knows that this wasn’t me. I got to the second line and I knew it wasn’t me.


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