Billionaire crying

Yang accuses Microsoft of trying to destabilize Yahoo

Gee, ya think?

“I think that the destabilizing by Microsoft has become more and more intentional. I am not happy about it,” said Yang, who repeated his accusation that Microsoft had no real desire to complete a deal.

jerryyanggeekCarl Icahn, who is as loveable and adorable as Microsoft’s Steve  “Monkey Boy” Ballmer, is trying to oust Yang and his Yahoo board cronies, so he can sell the company to Microsoft. Jerry Yang is “not happy”.

A lot of times you feel a little sorry for a pioneer like Yang, a university geek, really, who stumbled into a grazillion-dollar fortune by doing something he so totally loved – in this case making lists of Internet links.

But how can you feel anything for Jerry Yang, who is so rich, so geeky that he doesn’t even have a personality? He just refuses to know how business works, and thinks we should cry for him.


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