How a real leader does it

British people throw away 66 billion baht worth of food a year. The Leader is outraged.

Families facing spiralling shopping bills were told by [Prime Minister] Gordon Brown yesterday to stop wasting food… “If we are to get food prices down, we must do more to deal with unnecessary demands, such as by all of us doing more to reduce our food waste,” he said.

Sales on food? Wasteful, hoarding. People must pay full price, and more.

Supermarkets will be urged to drop “three for two” deals on food that encourage shoppers into bulk-buying more than they need, often leading to the surpluses being thrown away. The scandal of the vast mountains of food that are thrown away in Britain while other parts of the world starve … Gordon Brown said he would make action to tackle the soaring cost of food a priority at the G8 summit starting today in Japan.

People are starving while you just throw away those turnip tops. Incredible. What next: Drink all your coffee; poor people in India are sleeping!?!

Did I mention that this crusader against food wastage, Gordon Brown, is the actual political leader of Britain? The prime minister?pigstrough

He’s on his way to Japan as I write this. He promised his citizens he will take this crusade against food-waste to the G8 meeting. He and other leaders will tuck into the problem of food waste as, well, as they tuck into food. Mr Brown and fellow gourmands and gorgers from other countries…

will have eight official dinners at the lakeside Windsor Hotel Toya in north Japan.

At the culinary helm is Katsuhiro Nakamura, a Michelin-starred chef, who has flown in a team of 50 helpers.

Many ingredients are expected to include the vegetables and seafood for which Hokkaido — the northernmost island of Japan — is renowned. Whether the leaders will be brave enough to try raw sea urchin — a famous Hokkaido dish — remains to be seen.

The chef has also created one international signature dish: the G8 pate. It contains a key ingredient from each of the eight nations — including black truffles from France, ham from Italy and mushrooms from Japan.

In the immortal words of Yul Brynner: Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. What image came to mind as you read this? Helping the poor? Curbing greed? Pigs at the trough of hypocrisy? Your mother telling you to eat your broccoli because there are starving people in China?


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