Fuelled by Green Peas?

The Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior pulled into Songkhla in southern Thailand on Friday to make the usual demand that the government stop using coal and fossil fuel to make electricity.

I guess everyone knows this is the second Rainbow Warrior. French agents sank the first one in a terrorist-type attack in New Zealand back when government agents used to do that kind of stuff, killing one person in the process.

But I wondered something.

Here is a summary of an interesting part of the story that the Bangkok Post left out.

The Rainbow Warrior is powered by two 6-cylinder engines by Deutz M.W.M., rated to gulp 3,000 litres of diesel fuel a day when running flat out.

There is no public record of what the Greenpeace vessel actually consumes, for three reasons:

  • it is a schooner able to run completely under sail at times;
  • full-speed operation is rare, with the ship usually cruising at half speed, or 5-to-7 knots, and,
  • most importantly and to the point, Greenpeace simply won’t say.

It has enough carbon fuel to cruise around tropical waters to spread the demand that governments stop using carbon-based fuel. That’s all we need to know.

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