Sweet job

The New York Times has a piece in their business section on Jelly Belly Candy, pointing out: jellybelly

An anomaly in the stagnant $29.1 billion candy industry, the company, based in Fairfield, Calif., continues to grow and increase market share, with sales up 25 percent since 2006. Jelly Belly’s success, industry experts say, is because of wider availability and global expansion.

When it says “global expansion,” it turns out that the company means is it just about ready to open its new plant in Thailand. It’s a 50,000 square foot facility in Rayong, where workers will make 5 million pounds of Jelly Belly beans a year. They will all be sold in Asia and the Middle East.

This is all interesting, but what really caught my eye in the Times story was this innocuous semi-paragraph tucked below the fold:

“All you have to do is look at them, and they are brighter, shinier and prettier,” said Sarah Gencarelli, a candy reviewer for CandyAddict.com…

Savour that: A candy reviewer for CandyAddict.com. And just when you were wondering if you were in the right career path.


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  1. Getting free candy and getting paid to write about it really is incredible.


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