Thai-Americans in sport

While Tiger Woods was winning the US Open in sudden death (top), and Johnny Damon was leading the New York Yankees to a 15-7 23thaiamsvictory over Houston Astros with the team’s best batting average (centre, facing camera), New Orleans Saints star Kevin Kaesviharn was pretty much just relaxing and chilling in Bangkok.

Golfer Woods, baseball outfielder Damon and NFL linebacker Kaesviharn have one thing in common. Each is the son of a proud Thai parent in a mixed marriage to Americans – Tiger and Johnny to Thai moms, Kevin to a Thai dad.

Kaesviharn, who has gained some fame in Thailand because of NFL broadcasts, headed over to the Chaopraya Wittayakorn School in Bangkok earlier this week to hold a football clinic. That is the photo below.

American football is still a little exotic in soccer-mad Thailand, of course, but a Thai team won the NFL-sponsored flag football championship of the world two years ago. 

Kevin’s trip to Thailand is sponsored by the US State Department as part of a continuing series of cultural exchanges to make 175 years of diplomatic relations between Thailand and the United States this year. kevin3

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