I knew they would say that

Colorado has been my “other home” away from Thailand for several years, as my children headed for high school and then university in the mountains. It’s a beautiful place, and you have to wonder what Denver has done to deserve the Democrat Party and the very real threat of Re-Create 68 thugs in August.The answer is out there. I knew you'd say that!

But you never really reach bottom. Just when you thought you couldn’t go lower than party politicians and their lemming followers, you get something worse. 

Poor old Colorado, which has done very little to hurt anyone in a long, long time, and has provided beautiful weather and sights to millions of people — not to mention a wonderful education for three Thais — is about to be invaded in mid-May by the world’s largest gathering of professional astrologers ever! (Exclamation point indeed.)

The faculty is comprised of 150 of the most highly respected astrologers from all over the world, and they will be speaking on topics of interest to every level of astrological knowledge, from beginner to long-time professional.

Oh, please! Yes I know a lot of people buy into these charlatans and mental cripples, and I know that some readers are gritting their teeth or worse at this paragraph.

These people are going to take over the lovely Adams Mark Hotel and talk about business astrology and financial astrology — that is, running your life on what a fortune teller (who is so smart (s)he has to work for a living) says about the stars (which astronomers and other intelligent people admit they barely understand). For heaven’s sake (that’s a pun, son) the current Pluto transit has made these people permanently goofy.

Of course, once the Colorado capital city confirmed to the Democrat Party what it was, everything else was just negotiating the price. But still, it is a state that has thousands of active cowboys, and deserves better than a fortune-telling convention.

By the way, these 150 so-respected astrologers will not agree on who will be the next Democrat presidential candidate 90 days after their convention, although they will have excuses to explain why they disagree on such a simple matter.

I predict… wait, wait…. I predict that if you pay them $45, they’ll let you into one of their sessions.

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