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Pizza Hut Thailand has changed its logo, because it’s hot, man. Or maybe it is referring to the heat that comes from itsPizza Hut logo, competition, The Pizza Company. It used to be Pizza Hut, but The Pizza Company went off on its own after a high-profile spat a few years ago, and pretty much left Pizza Hut international in the dust in Thailand. 

Indeed, Pizza Hut itself indicates that is precisely the case. (Archive here).

The redesigned logo was created in hope of strengthening the brand awareness of Pizza Hut in the delivery segment, said Nongnuch Buranasetkul, the company’s marketing director.

More exciting than that, though, is that Pizza Hut is now going to sell restaurant quality food.

Yes, that’s right, a new advertising campaign promises real, authentic restaurant-quality pasta — from a restaurant. How daring is that? What next? Thailand-quality goods in the shops? Newspaper-quality stories in the media? TV-quality shows?

One thing is for sure, and you can count on this never to change. There will be blog-quality posts right here forever.

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