Keeping planes apart

This is about ADS-B for FAA and EFVS that’s like GPS.

The US may be a nation of acronyms. But it’s also a nation with a lot of savvy and ideas and there’s no one can match it for technology.

Great piece in The New York Times today by the great David Pogue.

It’s called A.D.S.-B (it stands for automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast, if that helps anyone), and it’s essentially G.P.S. for airplanes. It’s really, really cool; I got to ride in a couple of planes that have it installed.

You, the pilot, see an icon for your plane in the center of the screen, and the other planes appear around you, with altitude numbers (“-20” means the guy is 2,000 feet below you). You can zoom in and out, call up the weather map, search your aircraft user manuals, and so on.

At the moment, only the controllers — not the pilots — see where all the planes are. (A 747 pilot told me: “I get in my plane, I take off, I put a paper bag over my head. That’s how much I know what’s going on around me.”)

A.D.S.-B would help pilots maintain their own spacing, with less micromanagement from the controllers, thereby landing far more efficiently.

Much much more at the link. And if you need more, the FAA has an entire website devoted to the subject.


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