No politics, we’re Chinese

How can you not laugh at Chinese officialdom? The only reason I can think why the Chinese don’t laugh them all out of office is because of censorship, meaning they have no performance guide.

One of my current favourites is the outrage over the growing idea to let the Olympics proceed for the athletes and spectators around the world — but for foreign leaders to stay away to show their contempt for the Chinese violence in Tibet and on Tibetans. The always entertaining Chinese bureaucrats, stern faced but impeccably suited, are enraged that people would want to inject politics into the Olympics.

Nope, no politics here. Please move along. Nothing political to see here. That guy in the picture? Oh, just some historical figure, not political at all, nope, not in China.

Click for a larger view, if you want. To be clear, Xinhua is the official Chinese government-controlled news agency.


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