Without warning

Bloggers Kay and Masse post a sad story on their Koh Lanta blog. A 10 year old Swedish girl has died from a jellyfish sting, or, as appears likely, a sting from a Cubozoa, also known as a box jellyfish.

The youngster suffered a quick, hypersensitive reaction, quickly fell into anaphylactic shock almost immediately and doctors on the resort island could not save her.

Koh Lanta is off Krabi in the far South of Thailand, and Swedes love the place. But I would be amazed if there were any warnings about jellyfish on the beaches, like the picture, which is from Hawaii. I’m sure tourist awareness is almost nil. I can’t find a single warning about jellyfish from tourist operators, government or private.

Bloggers are by far the best early warning devices around these days.

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  1. andrew

    This is such tragic news and I feel such sadness for the family of the poor girl killed in Ko Lanta. Does anybody know for certain if the jellyfish concerned was a box jellyfish? My 4 year old son was severly stung by a box jellyfish in the shallows of Ko Mak in December, his breathing/heart stopped and doctors say he too should be dead. By a miracle he survived. A box jellyfish is transparent and not easily seen in the water. It has a bell shaped head and long (2 to 3 metre) tentacles. It is the deadliest creature in the world with enough toxin to kill 60 adults. Was it a box jellyfish that was involved in this tragedy?

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