Cheesey headline writers for Obama

I find it kind of creepy, but candidates for president in the US election shill and sell stuff. Instead of giving away a bumper sticker to a supporter to flash on her car, say, they sell her one.

So I was looking at the Barack Obama store which features stuff like $3 baseball caps selling for a mere $15, and an actual, real, authentic plastic Obama Water Bottle (blue) for only 400 baht plus handling and shipping, and as a bonus, you can actually put water into it and drink from it, just like Barack would do if he was silly enough to buy one.

Don’t worry, the John McCain and Hillary Clinton stores give you the same spine-tingling sense of the ridiculous cheesiness of it all. I’m an equal-sleaze basher.

But what caught my eye at the Chicago machine’s site was the incredible array of… well, divisiveness. Obama has nothing like “Americans for Obama”. He has divided up the so-called melting pot into more categories and groups than I could ever think up. They’re all for Obama, but Obama doesn’t seem to think that any of them belong to an electorate, say, or have common interests like, oh, I don’t know — like electing an American president.

This is the guy whose whole platform is built around pulling Americans and the whole world together. And every time he makes a new bumper sticker, all he can come up with is yet another small, self-interested group to put on it. Gays for Obama, Veterans for Obama, Republicans for Obama (okay, that one is cute), People who Read Hebrew for Obama…

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders for Obama? Oh, puh-leeze!

I’m not feeling the idea of People for Obama here.

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