A Grim(m) tale

When I was a kid, I liked the Grimm Brothers’ story about the tailor who killed “seven at one blow”. If you don’t know the story of the brave little tailor, go find it on the web.

After killing seven flies trying to eat his jam and bread, he wanted to mislead people into thinking he had killed seven men. He wore a belt that said Seven at One Blow.

The king took him at his word and sent him out to fight for the kingdom. And in fact the timorous but immensely brave, fly-swatting tailor killed two bothersome giants, captured a pesky unicorn, got rid of a terrorising wild boar, and scared off mutinous soldiers with evil intentions toward the king.

Of course, it was only a fairy tale.

This story is not. But even though it has a happy ending, it is one hell of a lot scarier.

A gang of 18 suicide bombers were in advanced planning to kill seven at one blow — seven airplanes over the Atlantic, on their way from the bombers’ native England to Canada and the United States.

Now this plot was very real. It was well planned. It is the reason you can’t carry bottles of liquid, even water, onto airplanes today.

Seven at one blow. I’ll never hear again about the brave tailor without thinking of these terrorists.

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