A blast of hot air

The former news agency Associated Press helpfully explains that the roughly 1,200 officials, aides and hangers-on eating my lunch this week in Bangkok are officially attending climate talks but in fact are “Await(ing) New US Government For Climate Leadership”.

Environmentalists said the high interest in combating global warming in Congress and the presence in Bangkok of U.S. Senate staffers suggested the United States would take a much more active role once a new president is in office.

Uh-huh. So tell me this, then, please. Why are these 1,200 people in Bangkok this week, running their five-star hotel air-conditioners, eating food at any prices they fancy, not to mention blowing smoke and other hot air at each other at the very cool UN headquarters in Bangkok?

(I’m serious, by the way. Do you see the sweat pouring off these delegates in full Western suitcoats and ties, even though the Bangkok temperate today was 36 Celsius, 97 real degrees? Neither do I. Air-conditioners at UN Escap headquarters work very well indeed.)

These people don’t admit they won’t be doing any useful work at their Bangkok conflab — they positively brag about it.

Please tell me why my taxes are paying for this.


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