Catch one, let one go

Singapore has captured and jailed one of Southeast Asia’s most dangerous terrorists. Native Singaporean Rijal Yadri bin Jumari trained in Camp Farouq, the al-Qaeda camp in Kandahar, and has bragged that he met bin Laden on several occasions.

Today Online of Singapore has an excellent backgrounder on this extremely unpleasant character. It describes him as a future al-Qaeda leader, raised as a child to be a terrorist, first in the Jemaah Islamiyah madrassas, then as a member of the Al Ghuraba (“the foreigners”) cell. He was arrested overseas, an evasive obfuscation that some investigative reporters may make more interesting in coming days. It indicates terrific cooperation among anti-terrorist forces, if nothing else.

Good for Singapore. Now if it can keep Rijal penned and talking a little better than it completely botched its handling of Mas Selamat Kastari (photo), it will be real progress.


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