More stupid than scary

Okay, if you want to get the dirt on American politicians, here’s a piece of advice: Don’t bother with their passport applications.

What were these maroons thinking of? Well, probably they aren’t thinkers, but still… Anyone who ever has applied for a passport anywhere in the world knows that a passport application is as interesting and as controversial and as revealing as an NESDB economics seminar.

You can find out all about US passport applications from the US Embassy in Bangkok. Here is a US passport application form. It’s the real deal, not a sample. So see what snoopers find when they look in a passport folder at the State Department.

Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Yep. Take the idiot who snooped into Obama’s folder. He learned Obama’s full name (including the middle name that cannot be, well, named), the name of his father and mother, and where he was born. He learned Obama’s height and weight. You, dear reader, already know 80 per cent of what is in that passport folder. You can find out the other 20 per cent which you have forgotten, in 12 seconds or less from Google.

The most incredibly interesting, wonderful scoop this alleged person got was the actual photo used by Obama in his passport. And of course (s)he has the actual number of the actual passport Obama has. I have to write “(s)he” because the US government will not identify the criminal in this case.

The US government, like every government in the world, does not put details of what is in Obama’s passport, such as countries he has visited. They don’t do this for a very good reason: They cannot. No country can know everything about its citizen’s travel. Even North Koreans and Cubans stray far from where they are supposed to travel. The US and, say, the Thai governments haven’t a clue where their citizens go.

This is not to say that every snopping trip into the US passport archives is as silly as these three, though. In 1992, anti-Bill Clinton operatives went into his passport application folder in the same US State Department, looking for real dirt. In that case, they wanted to know things like Clinton’s application dates, and how they lined up with his supposed draft-dodging during the Vietnam war.

There are no such skeletons for Obama, Bill’s wife and McCain. The only similarity to the original Clinton case is that it is the same supposedly concerned US State Department, totally unable to keep private its supposedly confidential records on citizens.


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