Assets declaration du jour

All Thai MPs, spouses and minor children have to declare their assets publicly. The usual collection of scruffy politicians showed off the usual collection of dodgy bank accounts with amounts of money most working people could never hope to match through honest labour.

Declaration of the Day, however, was by Democrat (opposition) MP  Peeraphan Saleerattavipak. He and his wife have assets totalling 78.7 million baht. That is roughly $2.5 million at the current exchange rate, hovering around 31.2 baht per US dollar. They include:

  • Ejection seats from three jet fighters – F14A (500,000 baht), F16A/B (3.5 million baht) and F18CD (4 million baht).
  • F16 flight simulator: 11.5 million baht
  • F18E flight simulator: 8.5 million baht
  • F14 flight simulator: 2 million baht

 The photo (click it for full size) is from a US Air Force fan blog. It shows the F16 simulator at the Air Combat School in Arlington, Texas. This is, apparently, what Mr Peeraphan and spouse have in their (very cool) Bangkok home.

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