Thugs and technology

All eyes in the information and communication technology world focus for three days on the Tatmadaw Convention Hall in Rangoon for the three-day exhibition on advanced technology.

Okay, not really, but who knew that the Myanmar Computer Federation could even organise an ICT Exhibition 2008 (beginning March 21)? After all, this is their website although there is a research center that’s a little more credible. The Rangoon City council has an entire web page showing Burmese are as interested as anyone else in the subject.

The Chinese PR agents for the three-day show claim that Burma “has been striving for the development of ICT” and has an ICT park, and has one of those ICT master plans, just like the one Thailand has been drawing up since 1995.

Good to know that the word technology is known in Burma. But in their hearts, the Chinese spin doctors working to enable the dictators know that the only technological development that interests the Burmese junta is how to turn off that Internet thingmy and prevent the pictures from getting out.


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