Yes, there are monsters

Can we…?… Nah, I guess not. I was going to suggest that political discourse remain reality based, if not civil.

Look. I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for hall monitor. I don’t like most of her policies, and I don’t want her to be president of the United States. I also don’t much like the policies of Barack Obama. Sometimes it’s delicious to see their two camps fighting.

But now, here is a person who supports Barack Obama, enough to join his campaign as foreign policy adviser. Samantha Power is no lightweight. She has written a Pulitzer Prize winning book and she is a full-fledged expert on Africa and its most horrible genocides. And she says this of Clinton:

“She is a monster, too — that is off the record — she is stooping to anything.”

(And no, it isn’t off the record if you say it after the quote. Sorry, but that’s the rule.)

Well, Clinton isn’t a monster, okay? Pol Pot was a monster. Stalin was a monster.

This kind of nonsense, Internet-era talk, really, about morons and idiots and — someone said yesterday that people who wrote messages to him were “illiterate” — is completely over the top, unnecessary, unacceptable and silly in the extreme.

Dehumanising your opposition is something that has occurred during wartime from the beginning of recorded history. On the Internet and in the flame wars, it’s called infrahumanisation and it’s partly — mostly — meant to strip the humanity from your opposition. Well, comparing Clinton with Obama, let’s see…. Nope, no monsters there.

Ms Power has apologised and she either resigned or was fired from the Obama campaign, depending on the timing. In a way that’s too bad; she’s a very good mind who won’t be available to the candidate. But then, do you really want silly, emotional, unthinking people advising candidates anyhow?

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