When spaghetti is exotic

The Thai military is going to start making a new variety of meals for the field troops, this time almost American (archive here).

First items on the western menu: Spaghetti and American Fried Rice — which is, of course, a 100 per cent Thai dish.

I thought at first they were going to stock the actual US military MREs, which already have their own semi-exotic fixin’s. The Americans don’t have fried rice, but they have rice pilaf, with wild rice. 

Anyhow, the Thai Army Quartermaster Corps is going to do the MREs for its own troops. People are concerned, the story says, whether “Western food will be popular among the soldiers, who might be more familiar with spicy Thai dishes.”

Picture 1 is a typical US military MRE, in this case the Thai chicken. The other photo is a closeup of the label.

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