Happy Birthday, my daughter

The Bangkok Post has a leap year feature this morning, pointing out that ‘Leap birthday’ a mixed blessing. (archive here).

The story says a lot of pregnant women go to a lot of trouble to avoid having their baby born on Feb 29. I haven’t a clue why, nor does the doctor who gets the requests at Phyathai Hospital — where not a single baby was born yesterday (Thailand time).

 My daughter was born on February 29, and celebrated her Sweet Sixteen birthday this time around. She is the only person in her large high school whose birthday is on this day.

In every every class, they sang Happy Birthday. There were lots of jokes about “Happy Fourth Birthday” of course. One teacher wrote on the chalkboard in huge letters (see photo). As she told me, “Today was all about me.”

Plus, there’s always a bar that gives a free drink and a restaurant handing out free or discounted meals on Feb 29. Who wouldn’t want that?


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