The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing…

World’s First Comprehensive Dental Tourism Survey

Is that a headline that grabs you, or what? (What?) Well, it turns out to be interesting even though the PR agency has a lousy headline writer.

It’s a survey of westerners who went abroad for dental treatment — dental tourism as they call it. RevaHealth seems to be anBobby Clarke and the hockey smile insurance company booster (?) that encourages this medical tourism stuff.

Top fact: 84 per cent of patients who travelled abroad to receive dental treatment were thrilled with the results.

The average cost savings of flying overseas for dental treament: $6,400 in money, 40 per cent savings over local treatment.

Patient satisfaction was highest overall for clinics in Hungary, Poland and (ta-da!) Thailand.

This isn’t news to a lot of people, especially residents of Thailand. Dental treatment is not just good here. It is world class.

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  1. You missed Slovakia in the article. The clinic with the lowest costs in the whole EU, and british staff. Check out for low cost implants, veneers and crowns.

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