Now, that’s a gas

Interesting blog piece, perhaps with some implications from Thailand, lists the 12 greenest and meanest cars in the US environment.

The Toyota Prius, the tree-huggers’ favourite, is not the greenest. Instead, it’s the Honda Civic GX. The thing is that it runs on compressed natural gas. That is interesting for Thailand, where there are really no existing dual-type vehicles like the Prius – but a huge, growing and subsidised market for cars, pick-ups, trucks and buses running on gas.

There were also surprises on the unfriendliest vehicles to the environment. For one thing, the Hummer is no big deal — heck, even the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a worse polluter, never mind Mercedes Benz. But the least greenest car is the Volkswagen Touareg, 5-litre, V-10 diesel.

People’s car indeed!

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