News to bug you

UN conference in Chiang Mai promotes eating of bugs.

But then, the entire reason you don’t eat bugs and insects is because of a United Nations plot. Yes!

Prof Arnold van Huis, a tropical entomologist known as “Mr. Edible Insect” in his native Netherlands, blamed a Western bias against eating insects for the failure of aid agencies to incorporate bugs into their mix.

… Thais eat more than 150 insects, including crickets, silk worms and dung beetles. Canned crickets are sold in supermarkets, and vendors selling bugs are a common sight in the capital, Bangkok.

Well, yes, you can pick up bugs. I’m not sure about “common,” but I suppose that’s relative. Deep-fried grasshoppers (or locusts) are by far the favourite. You strip off the legs, which may stick in your throat, and, with beer, they’re rather like peanuts. Really.

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