Crow’s foot in a circle

UPDATE NOTE: I couldn’t make this post originally, tried a few things and it just would not post. Sent off mail to WordPress about it, six hours later in the middle of the night WordPress time, “Mark” messaged there had been some kind of error — he didn’t say what — and “the blog now work as it should.” Which it does. Thanks, Mark, and on with the post.

This week is the 50th anniversary of what has become known as the peace symbol. It’s like pornography (in more ways than one, a cruel person would say) because it’s sort of hard to describe but everyone knows it when he sees it. 

Funny thing is that it is not, actually, a “peace symbol” at all.

It’s a symbol of the nuclear disarmament fad that grew to its height in the 1960s and 1970s before the Berlin Wall tumbled down. Most members were total defeatists who wanted to surrender all nuclear weapons and capitulate to the nuclear armed communists so they wouldn’t be killed.

Nor does the symbol actually mean peace. It stands for “nuclear disarmament”. Despite a lot of urban legends to the contrary, it was made by an English surrender monkey  with symbols of the military semaphore flags for the letters N and D — Nuclear Disarmament, geddit? 

(Even the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at the link is bright enough to use the word “ironic” about this.)

Probably the biggest and wrongest legend is that the crow’s foot stands for the B52 bombers, which were made and maintained to carry nukes. No one ever said pilots have so sense of humour, however, so lots of B52 crews (and their supporters) created satires based on the ND symbol and their favourite airplane.


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