Terrorist blackmail

The residents around Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport have issued a chilling threat to authorities, as well as to airlines and passengers worldwide: Pay us money for airplane noise, or we will try to bring down airliners.

A group of residents around Suvarnabhumi airport threatened to launch rockets and balloons to disrupt airborne passenger jetliners again next Saturday unless they are paid compensation money for noise pollution.

In a lot of places, they’d call that criminal blackmail. In today’s world, it ought to be called a blatant terrorist threat. We will see shortly what they call it here in Bangkok.

UPDATE: It seems these people already closed down the airport with an actual balloon barrage last month. (Scroll down to the somewhat laconic seventh paragraph.) Good to know they failed to kill hundreds of people, I guess.

Love the way the newspaper slips and slides past the question of whether this was either (1) horrible lack of reporting and a cover-up, or (2) blatant self-censorship:

Angry residents released more than 100 balloons into the sky at night early last month, delaying flights by more than two hours and costing the (Airports of Thailand) more than 19 million baht in compensation to airlines affected by the delates. The incident was not reported by the media.


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