Pity the short-sighted

Common wisdom has it that the world hates the United States, that America’s once fine reputation (!) has plummeted under the President Chimplerburton Gitmostein administration. The main cause is that Bush has made US into a violent, interfering world policeman that nobody likes, and no wonder those terrorists hate us.

Yeah, right. The US has to get out of Iraq now — because otherwise everyone will hate the United States as an invader — as if there were no US troops at all in Japan, Canada, Germany, Korea…

Well, are you sure you want to “bring the boys home”? Are you really sure?

The next time someone tells you how much people hate America, how much the US hates Muslims, how much Muslims hate the US, well, remember this post.

The US troops have been in Kosovo a lot longer than in Iraq. And this is what the Muslim people of Kosovo think about the United States as they declare independence on February 17, 2008.

People in Kosovo know that without the US, the Serbs and the Russians would have them for lunch and spit them out. So do many other countries. A great recent, Muslim example: Bosnia.


  News agency captions: Ethnic Albanians are seen under Albanian and US flags as they celebrate the province’s upcoming independence.

Another news agency caption: US soldiers patrol a street decorated with Albanian and US flags in Gnjilane, Kosovo, Saturday, Feb 16, 2008, as they provide security in the area.

US troops provide security. How about that?


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