A low senate voter turnout? For sure.

The always interesting Sodsri Sattayatham was in Hat Yai on Wednesday plumping for the Senate election, while at the same time her staff in Bangkok was mailing out the official election pamphlets. Mrs Sodsri said the Election Commission is working full out, but people just aren’t as intererested in the Senate vote as they were for the House on Dec 23.

No doubt most of that is true. But the “working hard” part – take a look at that, below.

On the left is the cover and one of the many, many inside sheets of the EC’s information for the House election. It has colour photos and brief bios, election numbers and more for the nominated MP candidates.

On the right, in our mail this morning, is the equivalent for the Senate election. It says there will be a vote, it has the names and no details of the three candidates we can vote for, and that’s about it. It’s printed on old computer paper with the holes in the side for the 1980s printers – remember them?

Mrs Sodsri told election pooyai in Hat Yai she hopes for a 50 per cent voter turnout for the half of the senate that will be elected. It looks like she and the EC are working for that, all right.

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