Calm down, people

Here is why Hillary Clinton wins — no not the presidential election in November (which she could well win) but the nomination of the Democrat Party to run in that election. It also is an interesting illustration of the media’s herd mentality.

Here is today’s (Feb 11)  Yahoo News front page. It’s about the same as every newspaper and Internet front page in the world right now, in fact (another illustration of the press lemmings). The difference is that Yahoo has the most important story on its front page. It’s just that it is deep in the page and far smaller than any other significant story.

The media has bought into Obamamania with, heh, a passion. Obama can do it. Obama is the man. Obama can cure sickness and teach the lame to walk on water.

Well, Barack Obama is proof, if any were ever needed, that the United States is the land of opportunity for nerds. But the next presidential candidate? That gives whole new meaning to the word “unlikely”.

Hillary has the insiders, like the headline says. She has been working for three years, 12 years, 30 years, depending on how much of a sceptic you are. But she has been working and solidifying the backroom, smoke-filled halls where votes are decided. Sure, every so often a young, vibrant, clean politician comes along, captivates the voters with eminently and wonderfully sensible policies, and wins election to the US presidency — in the movies.

In real life, the prepared politician who has covered bases and made friends and won thousands and thousands of favours from the political establishment gets the nod. Two of them will be nominated to run for president of the United States in November. One of them will be Hillary Clinton.

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