Concerned and anyonymous

Amy Chew had a nice piece in the New Straits Times on Malaysia-Indonesia relations. The original article is here is here but the NST takes stories down quickly, so you might get an archived copy here.

She says the old folks are working to improve them. Ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad flew to Solo for the funeral of his old friend Suharto, and noted almost tearfully that “Suharto made Asean a success.”

Online, it’s a different matter. Young Indonesians have begun an “I Hate Malaysia” campaign, which is every bit as dreadful, silly and lamentable as the “I Hate Indonesia” campaign by young Malaysians. There is actually a website called I Hate Indon, and no, I wont’ link it.

What caught my eye amidst the derogatory anti-nationalism in the Amy Chew piece was this:

“This ‘I hate Malaysia’ and ‘I hate Indonesia’ campaign by the youths of both countries is not healthy,” said a senior Malaysian official, on condition of anonymity.

This is such an important issue that senior officials don’t dare discuss it in public.

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