Dewey beats Truman. Again.

The Nation newspaper has one of those horrible, exclusive scoops this morning. As the paper says, it is “First with big stories”. The problem is that this exclusive is first but it is still exclusive, and will always be exclusive.

No one else but The Nation had the story about iTV going off the air immediately after midnight on Tuesday night.

 That’s because it didn’t go off the air at midnight. The official cameraman at the Institute of Important Studies (Bangkok Branch) never sleeps, and he was there when iTV began its normal, Wednesday morning news show. He turned on the station information so the photo would have a legitimate timestamp.

For Thailand, this seems to rank right up there with the infamous 1948 US newspaper headline that Thomas Dewey had defeated Harry Truman as president of the United States. But I’m not sure where you put this Thai version of the “Whoops of the Year”.

  • The government said it was seizing iTV and taking it off the air as of midnight on Tuesday, and totally failed to deliver on that promise/threat.
  • The Nation promises to report the facts as they happen, and obviously went into the fortune-telling business on Tuesday evening. That is doubly ironic since the twin, official mottos of The Nation (Unofficial Motto: We’re Too Good for One Motto) are “First with big stories. The best business news”. Yes, that’s correct, there’s only one period in those two semi-sentences, which is either one too few or one too many.

What is doubly troubling about The Nation’s exclusive story is that as of 7 a.m. on Wednesday, the story that iTV went off the air at midnight was still on their website. It wasn’t fixed even in the breaking news section.

Heck, anybody can be first with the news if they just make up the news.


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