The Dinosaur Preservation Society

The military junta insisted that Prasong Soonsiri should be the controller of the constitution drafting body, and used various means to get him there. The Council for National Security sees retired Squadron Leader Prasong, better known for his long and imaginative term as head of the National Security Council, as the junta’s man.

The military, of course, will write the constitution it wants; that’s why they insisted on the man they wanted to oversee the process. But then comes the interesting idea of a referendum on the constitution.

Here’s where it gets interesting, in a monkey way.

If the nation votes for the constitution, then the military gets the constitution it already wanted, with people who support it to run the country the way the military wants, under that constitutional system.

If the nation votes against the constitution, then the military will have to stay in power itself, to run the country the way it wants, because there won’t be a constitution.

If the nation rejects the constitution and holds another violent uprising to throw out the military, the country will be back in chaos (at least for a while) and the military can say, “SEE? We told you that democrats will ruin the country!”

I think they call that win-win-win, at least in the military.

Just a thought.


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