Al Jazeera reports, you deride

Al Jazeera want to be either (a) a rival to mainstream international TV news like CNN and the BBC or (b) an alternative to them. In Arabic it is (b), presenting an evil-twin universe of news and, especially, commentary where terrorism is good, democracy must be imposed because it is unpopular everywhere, and hate conquers all.

In English, it isn’t yet (a) or (b). It is certainly a good idea, although it is not Al Jazeera’s choice, that this strange news source has only a tiny sliver of the broadcasting band and an infinitesimal audience. Still, it does have a website, where we are treated to weirdness such as this:

Selina Downes, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Bangkok, said: “Up until now the attacks in the south have been very ad hoc, we haven’t seen any sort of co-ordinated rebellion and this has made it very difficult for the Thai authorities to know who is behind the attacks and how to do deal with it.”

HUH? Uncoordinated? Ad hoc? Either this “correspondent” is so uninformed as to not have heard of the night of the fires which touched off the latest escalation on January 4, 2004, and the Hat Yai and Yala bank bombings (for example) or she is so uninformed as to think such attacks are uncoordinated.

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